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Pedagogical Practice - Aural and Theory

Music is a language and like any language it requires carefully guided study in order to speak it fluently. When done correctly this knowledge is the key to unlock an extraordinary depth of musicianship and logic in any individual. An added benefit is an increased appreciation for music as this kind of study teaches us to listen in entirely new ways and enjoy compositional intricacies in a much more vivid light.

The mastering of Theoretical and Aural skills on a purely technical level enables comprehension as to how music really functions, knowledge which undeniably contributes to everything we do in our art. This is exactly why the honing of these skills is so vital in any musician’s journey to becoming a thoughtful and competent practitioner. 

When teaching these subjects I am in most instances preparing students for exams, with the most common being: A Level, GCSE, Aural Components for Graded Practical exams, or Graded Theory exams. However many who study with me often enjoy the process and benefits of this training to the extent that they continue sessions long after the assessments have been completed to further refine their knowledge. My advanced students often choose to study orchestration, arranging techniques, advanced part writing, progressive harmonic structures, and stylistic compositional practices with me as part this process.

I take on pupils from all practical disciplines in this training. This is because the functioning of music is universal and it’s rules are applicable to anyone, no matter what instrument you may play. Alongside this I have a great deal of experience as both a Chamber Musician and Orchestral Performer, resulting in a detailed knowledge of both the standard repertory and the theoretical nuances of most orchestral instruments. This means I can relate to a student of any musical background and personalise my approach to build on their current understanding.

Whilst quality is at the core of what I offer I ensure my studio is also a welcoming environment where curiosity and expressing oneself is highly encouraged. Discussion of student’s interests, both musically and of the wider world, I consider to be vitally important and allow me to truly understand the people I work with. This I use to tailor my lessons to the individual, broaden knowledge in areas of interest, and encourage truly unique artistry no matter the background or level of a student.


i am also a believer in building as ‘complete’ a musician as possible and make sure to interweave other related musical matters into my teaching. As a result I frequently recommend articles of interest and historically significant recordings to my students to encourage learning and the cultivation of new specialist interests.


If you are interested in studying with me then please do get in contact so we can explore our options of working together and arrange an initial consultation lesson.


Theory and Aural Training

For me my students are an absolute priority and therefore I endeavour to be as accommodating as possible when scheduling lessons. As a result my teaching schedule is flexible with tuition available throughout the week.
Please get in contact to discuss further details


Chamber Music Coaching

As an in demand performer of chamber music I am able to give unique advice and insights into this wonderful art and its functioning. These sessions are aimed at ensembles involving strings and strings with piano. The content studied is always highly flexible so follow the link below for more details.


Violin Lessons

I am an experienced violin teacher and give tuition to students from complete beginners all the way to players of a professional calibre. My approach varies with every individual however the one constant is to encourage passion for both the instrument and the music we play. Follow the link below for more details.

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